Church Maintenance Needs

Fencing around HVAC units
All materials provided by the church. Tools required: post hole shovel.
(1) Dismantle entire fence and remove existing posts from ground.
(2) Dig holes 2 feet deep, at 8-foot centers on all sides of HVAC units.
(3) Place 4x4x8 foot posts into holes, level, and pour into hole 1 bag of fast setting concrete mix. Add water and backfill.
(4) Re-attach or replace fencing as required. (level and secure)
(5) Paint as needed with Dark Green Latex Ext Paint.

Clear Drainage ditch along Watervliet-Shaker Road
You will need to provide all tools such as loppers, brush removal tools, etc.
(1) Starting at corner of Sand Creek and Watervliet Shaker and proceeding to rear of church.
(2) On church lawn side of the ditch, trim and remove all brush and trees, about 2 feet in from lawn area already maintained by lawn mower.
(3) Remove all debris and clear out area where sump pump drainage runs into ditch. (approx. near sign)

Clear all brush and weed growth along back wall of sanctuary
You will need to provide all tools, such as shovel, wheelbarrow, rakes, etc.
(1) First remove all weeds and brush from area.
(2) Rake and level to enhance growth of grass, re-seed if necessary.
(3) Trench and bury orange ethernet cable approx. 6 inches below ground.
(4) When finished, area should be lawn mower ready and accessible.